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TruTemp Equipment is the food service industry’s most trusted source for products from leading equipment manufacturers. With 1,000+ units in our 34,000 sq.ft. warehouse, we offer the highest inventory levels in the region. Our fast ordering and drop-ship times from manufacturer warehouses make special orders on non-stocked items seamless for our customers. Do you need icemakers and bins, refrigeration and  freezers, dispensers or fryers immediately? TruTemp has them!

Our equipment warehouse holds the most commonly used products from the top manufacturers:


TruTemp’s dedicated team of warehouse professionals will work with your staff to achieve easy, on-time shipping and delivery. You can choose to pick up your items directly from our warehouse using our loading bay and/or forklifts, or we can arrange to deliver or drop-ship your item.

We maintain an exemplary safety record in our warehouse and adhere to the highest safety guidelines in the industry.

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