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TruTemp Equipment facilitates the warranty procedures for the manufacturers we represent. Many of our service partners already make warranty claims directly with the factories, and we encourage them to do so. However, we can submit a warranty claim on behalf of any licensed refrigeration contractor who chooses not to deal with our represented manufacturers. If we know in advance that the part is for a warranty, we will instruct you to submit directly to the manufacturer. The warranty submission date must not exceed 30 days from the repair date.

For TruTemp to submit a claim, we must have:
  • The original failed part returned to us within 30 days of the repair if under a warranty. In some cases, for service companies who carry truck stock, we can exchange the old part for a new part providing all of the other information is received and verified.

  • A copy of the invoice where the part was purchased if other than us. We will accept other parts purchases only if the part was not available from us. We make every effort to stock the necessary replacement parts for our customers. Parts can be special ordered but shipping is not generally covered by the warranty.

  • A copy of the warranty repair invoice must be submitted to TruTemp including the 3 Cs:

    • Complaint

    • Cause

    • Correction

  • Serial number of the equipment listed on the bill (manufacturer’s part# on original invoice)

TruTemp will submit the repair bill and reimburse the repair company for the allowable labor from the factory after we are paid. However, we will not be responsible for additional charges including freight without preauthorization from the manufacturer.

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