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Sales – because relationships matter.

As a wholesale distributor, TruTemp’s experienced Sales Team works primarily with restaurant equipment dealers, refrigeration contractors and multi-unit chain accounts. The Sales Team has an in-depth understanding of the equipment and parts. They continuously attend training sessions from the top manufacturers to keep up with the latest products and advancements along with industry trends.

Our Sales Team understands the true values of distribution:

  • Stocking the right products for their clients and for the industry

  • Selling at a competitive wholesale price

  • Supporting the equipment we represent

TruTemp’s goal is to never undermine our customer’s sales efforts. By not selling directly to the public, we maintain the integrity of our wholesale market. The team develops relationships with our customers and try to complement their business models. There is no pressure when talking to our Sales Team. They simply want to hear what questions you have and how they can help answer them. TruTemp is proud of our long-term relationships with repeat customers including the c-store and grocery and retail chains.


If you would like more information on our products and parts, please call 1-888-777-4423 

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